Multiple Collections

Objects managed by an organization such as museum are often grouped together as sets called collections.

Simple, Thumbnail and Filmstrip views

Sanchaya enables three different views of collection objects enabling detailed analysis - simple, thumbnail and film strip.

Upload and Storage of Digital Media

You can store and organize a wide range of media including multiple formats of images, audio and video.

Accessioning and Documentation

Recording the collection object information is very important since it aids the organization in identifying and accounting for every object in its possession.

Security and User Management

Sanchaya tracks and maintains the full access log for the application and ensures that every action by the users is audited.

Search and Reporting

Sanchaya offers quick search, criteria search and tag options which will make it easier and faster to locate the objects that you are looking for.

Workspace Management

Sometimes you need to group your objects and manipulate them in many different ways. You may have to reuse the same object in multiple groups and share them with other users.

Custom Fields

Sanchaya allows the admin user to add new fields of his/her preferred type (number, text, date, select and multi-select) in the accession form and even search based on them.